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Friday, April 27, 2012

Go Green! Lunchbox Review

Here is our lunch from today:

Wheat free.  Apples, carrots, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, malt-sweetened chocolate chips, and 2 different granola bars, 1 raw and grain-free and 1 soaked oat.

I've been awfully distracted from our Bento boxes this week. We made a visit to the allergist this week and cofirmed a number of suspect allergies. Including wheat. Sigh. We're going back to test kamut and spelt because lately we've gotten really good at making no-knead bread!

By far, though, we have enjoyed our Go Green! Lunchbox more than any of our other bento boxes.  You can see the specs on this uber-cool lunchbox at:


It holds a lot of food.  A lot.  If I fill it full, only Isaiah, on a reeeeeeally hungry day, can eat it all.  This is good.  That's exactly what I need in a bento box.  My kiddos will be heading off to summer dance intensives in June and those will be some seriously hungry days for them.

 My favorite feature on this box is the drink section.  If I was using the box, 6 months preggo, or packing it for my husband, I could use it for more food.  As it is, for the kids, it is very nice for everything to be held in one, single-piece tray.  Eating lunch in the car or on a bench makes things tricky, and this simplifies it for little people a lot.

For a smaller lunch, a cloth napkin and silverware fit very nicely in the lower left well. 

The bottle only holds 9 ounces, but the design is great, and my kids fight over it constantly.  I like it better than most sippy cups, and for a stainless steel beverage bottle, it is very inexpensive.  It also doesn't give even a bit of metal taste to the water.  I'm really sensitive and I find that water from many stainless steel bottles eventually bothers my teeth.

Anyway, we give our Go Green!  two big thumbs up and the kids can't wait till we get some more.

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