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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BEABA Tray Review

OK, you have probably noticed these:
on my blog during April.  We have 2, 1 orange and 1 purple.  Rosie calls this her flower tray and she loves it.  John Paul calls it his 'fruit tray', and he loves it, too!

These are by a company called BEABA, and they are originally designed as baby food freezer trays.  They are made of a flexible silicone so you freeze the portions in there and then you can pop them out into a bag or glass jar to save room in the freezer.  We also discovered they make awesome popsicle molds!

(I plan to have dozens of all-fruit popsicles frozen and popped into freezer bags for snacking when the baby arrives.  Easy to make and easy to eat.  These trays will help speed up the process.  And the popsicles they make are not too large for a little guy, and a big guy can just eat 2!)

The lid is very secure and watertight, so if I put ranch or hummus in one well, it stays put if we take these in the car or to the park.  A toothpick is just perfect for picking up the little bits of food in each well, and Rose, my pickiest eater, is willing to eat a portion of food she doesn't "like" if it comes out of this tray, with a toothpick!

Lid on!  It snaps tightly, but little ones can pop it off just fine.

I highly recommend it as a bento box for toddlers/ preschoolers because it holds a reasonable amount of food and it is a soft material that stays put (as in, the silicone grips the table so it doesn't get knocked off easily).

Beaba also makes this nifty little device:
which is made for formula... BUT it makes a SUPER 3-decker snack pod for the purse or diaper bag.  Perfect for three kids needing tided over in a waiting room or such.  It holds a fair amount of granola or fruit in each pod, and I've been enjoying it a lot.  It is nicer than a baggie as food doesn't get smashed, and I don't lose 1 kid's snack in the black, bottomless hole of my bag.

(I will come back tomorrow, er... sometime, and link these to Amazon for you, but Amazon's linking is broken right now.)

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