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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Teas for Tuesday

Over Mother's Day weekend, Rose and I
attended an Olde English Tea. Well, it was called that, but no REAL English tea actually takes place at 10 am. Americans, Americans....

Everything was very elegant,
very dainty,
and terribly bad for us.
But we were there in the name of research!

Our family schedule varies due to my husband's work schedule, and "tea" has fast become a very helpful tool for peaceful days and evenings despite lots of chaos from crazy schedules.

Rose and I learned many, many things about British tea customs.
A proper tea napkin should be 12" square.
Low tea foods are traditionally bite-sized. Generally, a first course of scones, second course of savory sandwiches and such, and a third course of sweets. You know those Duchesses....
High tea was the traditional light evening meal of the working classes, eaten/ drunk between 5 and 7 pm. (Lunch or dinner, the noon meal, was the day's large meal.)
Low tea is afternoon tea, between 3 and 4 pm. It was the tea of the upper classes who weren't working away the afternoon.
Centuries back, the British only ate 2 meals a day, breakfast and supper- at 8 pm. A famous Duchess started having afternoon tea to stave off "that sinking feeling" that plagued her around 4 pm. (No wonder, honey!)
Yes, I paid royally for my tea with milk. It was worth it.

At our house, we usually have low tea when Daddy will be home for dinner late. We have been having high tea on the days when he won't be home at all. High tea is a special, bedtime tea party for us that the children love, and they get quite proper about it. Of course we had to "clean up" all those tea goodies.

We made up a chicken scone recipe- super yum- recipe to follow soon, pinky promise.
Cracker tea sandwiches with hummus, carrot, and kale.
Granola bites. Recipe also promised, soon.
Organic nettle-raspberry-cinnamon tea, blended by ourselves from our dried herb stash. Lemon slices with a clove stuck through are traditional. And very delicious.
On the particular day of this tea party, I was very tired and cranky. It was very soothing
for everyone
and filled little tummies with more than just good food and warm tea before bed.

"A little of what you fancy, does you good."
-English proverb

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