"Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table." -William Shakespeare

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Can't Cheat Your Mother, Part 2

Today, Rose and I did something very special. In the name of food, of course! But it's a surprise, for later....

But for now, let's rewind. Yesterday, I moved through the about 500 steps from the SAD (Standard American Diet), to healthy eating. I do wish to reassure my dear readers that all 500 steps need not be made in a day. Or a month, or even a year.

And again, the very best companion on the journey to healthy eating is, in my opinion, Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon. If you are a mother, you want to be a mother, or you HAVE a mother, this book is for you. No, I don't know Marilyn, nor does she compensate me in any way, shape, or form for promoting her book every chance I get.

The reason I do so is this: I have many tricks and secrets in the kitchen, but I cannot, will not, feed the band-aid approach to nutrition, healthy eating, and feeling good. It's everywhere. Ever pick up an issue of Woman's World Magazine? EVERY ISSUE contains a slightly different be-healthy, feel-good, slim-down diet plan. Turn the page to find the world's best cupcake recipe or cheesecake recipe. White flour, white sugar, margarine, etc. So the real message becomes use healthy foods to get skinny, then eat whatever you want. Repeat.

Lasting change doesn't happen that way.

If an individual isn't STRIVING towards lasting change, all the diet fads, health food fads, and energy fads will do no good. They might even harm. So any time I make suggestions, offer ideas, or tell you about a "super-food," please remember, dear reader, that it is with the assumption that you understand my thinking. It also avoids the angry reader who claims 'none of this does any good'.

So, that's my big disclaimer. If I bore you up front with the philisophical underpinnings of BreadwithHoney, then I can move on with a clear conscience.

The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.
-Yves Saint Laurent

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