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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


is the quintissential hot weather drink, is it not? Quite the shame for the sugar-free family, no?

Thank goodness for stevia and cheap citrus juicers!

My two older kids love to make lemonade. I cut the lemons in half and they can do the rest. It's so simple I'm embarrassed to make a whole post of it, but humor me, I guess.

To make lemonade into a health food, you need to leave your lemon juice properly pulpy.

Add a curl or 2 of the well-scrubbed zest for the addition of the beneficial oils of the lemon peel. (Even organic lemons are usually treated with a wax coating that should be scrubbed off.) Dilute with filtered water to your preferred strength.

Add stevia extract or green herb powder just a pinch at a time, tasting as you go. Adding too much stevia is a very unpleasant thing. An embittering experience, so to speak. Anyone who claims to hate the stuff probably just used too much!

Then go have a picnic with your babies!

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