"Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table." -William Shakespeare

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Slithery Sort of Nature Walk

Isaiah wanted to narrate our recent nature walk in Topeka's Lake Shawnee Park. It was, definitely, a slithery day.

"Well, when we got there, we were excited because Daddy hadn't told us that there was going to be a lake in the park. So we headed down to the water while Daddy went to his meeting.
"We skipped lots of rocks and sniffed lots of wildflowers. We wanted to go fishing, but we didn't bring any fishing stuff.

"Then Mommy said, 'Look at that stick in the water! Doesn't it look like a snake?' Then she turned around to take care of Johnny. I yelled, 'Mommy! Mommy, it IS a snake!' Because it turned toward us and started slithering. When my Mom saw it, she said it looked like a copperhead. We couldn't get a good picture of it.

"It kept right at us so we decided to go over to the swings. I was really freaked out. At the swings, I went into the woods to pee, and while I was peeing, I thought, what's that? And it was another snake! This one was black with a red stripe, a yellow stripe, and a grey stripe. It was coiled up on the leaves. I ran away from it because I didn't know what kind of snake it was.

"Later in the morning, I saw another 2 snakes while I was playing with my friends and Rosie. I've never seen so many wild snakes in one day."

And this fellow
just wouldn't leave us alone when we went to the bathroom.

A good dinner:
to end a good day.

"I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in."
~George Washington Carver

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