"Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table." -William Shakespeare

Monday, June 20, 2011

BreadwithHoney is moving...

URLs? No, moving. As in, hundreds of miles away. In 2.5 weeks.

It's good for my blog, really. Sometimes as I write, you see, I feel moderately hypocritical. I realize that lots of families are not blessed with the laid-back existence we have chosen for ours. Is it realistic to expect or even hope that a modern mother, with all the pressures and cares of soccer, lawn care, and so on and so forth, ad nauseum could actually feed her family a diet of fresh, nutritious foods? Or nurture her children with daily rituals of gentleness and joy?

Well, I'll never be a soccer mom, but I'm pretty sure that decluttering and packing a 2,700 square foot home, with the end goal of driving away in a small (not the semi-truck size, not the medium size- I mean small, people) UHaul, making and attending dozens of doctor's, dentist's, and miscellaneous appointments (how did I get so behind on those?), patching wall paint, fixing windows, and returning dozens of borrowed junk to rightful owners- in under a month- while my husband works extra hours to leave his current job in good order for when we go- suddenly qualifies me as a modern woman.

Can it be done?


Is it super-easy?

Not exactly.

But it still revolves around making menus, writing out grocery lists, and actually stopping what I'm doing, three times a day, whether I feel like it or not, and preparing the food.

It revolves around stopping when a child needs me and making a connection when I'd really rather get one more thing done. It's bubbles and lavender at 7 pm, come hell or high water. Of course, then I might be up till 2 am after they *finally* drift away... but happy children during a potentially very stressful time is worth the discipline.

The other reason to keep to routines- especially three healthy meals a day during times of extreme stress is for the immune system. The immune system is automatically and instantly taxed when you are under stress. The need for vitamin C, especially, skyrockets. Resort to snack foods, sugary sweets, pizza, and take-out during stress and your immune system goes into overdrive. Once the stress is gone, the immune system tends to crash and the result is that the body succumbs to the next germ it finds. Flu in January, anyone?

I've been working on lots of other posts in my head and in my drafts, but for now, dear reader, know that I am thinking of you and the good things to come. I'm mourning the loss of golden wheat fields and storm clouds on the horizon (literally, I mean) but looking forward to sharing with you some mountain glories, more stories, and some really. Good. Food.

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another."
~Anatole France


  1. what?! When did this happen? I still have your wallpaper steamer..I'll try and give you a call tomorrow...

  2. Hi Maureen! I just found your blog and your moving to New Mexico???? Wow, I only met you a handful of times whenever I made it to HFHE meetings, but I know you will be missed!! I was looking at your book list on the far right side. I also love the whole foods cookbook, it's a great kitchen staple. It's always great to read a homeschool Catholic Mom's blog...we need all the support we can get!!
    Blessings, Debi Rohr