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Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Treats

I know some of you are itching to know if I sneak spinach and sprouts into even Serious Treats. Well, sometimes I do, but not on my sweetheart's birthday. Only the tried and true, clean but not too healthy will do for him.

Here are 2 recipes we use on special occasions. The first is pure decadence. Birthdays and cardinal feast days only! Since we are packing, I gave my sweetheart a batch of these as his birthday present to munch at work.

Short Bread

1c organic butter, room temp
1c maple sugar

1t vanilla
and mix.

Add 2c wh wh pastry flour and mix till crumbly.
Dump onto buttered cookie sheet:
pat to 1/2" thick and prick:
I forgot to do so and my short bread spread into a puddle:
Tasted fine, though!

Bake for 25-35 minutes, till golden. Will continue to crisp as it cools.

I know these were good because I snuck a dozen couple while they were cooling.

I made breakfast the day before so we could get up with Daddy for an early birthday party. Super easy, very high protein!

High Protein Waffles

18 eggs
2.5 c wh wh flour
Stevia to taste
2Tb vanilla
1/2t salt

Pour. (Oil the waffle iron.)

We served ours with honey and fruit.

Someday I vow to create a dairy-free pastel de tres leches for birthday feasting... till that day arrives and that feat of nature occurs, I am happy to let my mother-in-law make her famous zucchini cake for birthdays around here. Till we move. Sniff.

"Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest."
~Larry Lorenzoni

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