"Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table." -William Shakespeare

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Black Widow Effect

When you've never seen a black widow, sometimes you see a spider and think, "Is that a black widow?"

In which case, I guarantee you, it is not a black widow!

Because once you've seen this:
You never have that thought again.  You just look and know, that is a black widow, or, nope, not even close.

Well, this pregnancy, I keep checking my baby, thinking, "Is she breech?"

And I know if I have to ask is  she breech, that she's not breech.  Till today, when I woke up on my left side, looked down at my belly and went, "Expletive, expletive, THAT is a breech baby."

Sigh.  I knew things were going too well.  I'm also sure the extremely stressful weekend I just had contributed.  First, we sold our house.  Of course, we sold it for a lot, a LOT, A LOT  less than we wanted.  And then we found out we won't get a trip to Omaha (Oh, I can finally tell you now that we are moving to Omaha, because Ed finally signed his contract) to house hunt, (which is fine, I guess, since we wouldn't be able to spend as much on a house as we were expecting, having sold our Kansas house for peanuts,)  then I spent a couple hours looking at rentals on the internet and finding pretty much nada.  Then we hosted a childbirth class, after which I let 2 doulas palpate my belly.  One went really deep causing baby and me to JUMP, and causing a uterine spasm (which I hid because I didn't want her to feel bad).  Then we went swimming and I strained a muscle in my hip.  And the next day, yesterday, I spent 8 hours packing and dragging heavy boxes. 

And I flipped out at my husband over a doughnut fiasco.

So somewhere in there, amidst the stress  and strain, this baby got uncomfortable and turned around.  (Today, baby is hiccuping and moving in a weird way she's never done before.)

Today I have spent the morning doing excercises and greedily (re)reading the Spinning Babies website.  And crying.

And now I think I will resume both activities.

"Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside." 
~Rita Rudner


  1. Don't despair--she's still got time to flip again! I will be thinking acrobatic thoughts on your/her behalf. Talk soon!

  2. Sending you love and prayers! Everything is going to be fine. I wish I could be there to give you a hug and bring you some food.

  3. tim found a black widow in the garage last night-no fun. ben was breach-also no fun. prayers for you and baby.

    sorry to hear you guys didn't get what you wanted for your house.

  4. bummer on all accounts :(
    I'll pray for peace for you today.

  5. Thanks, you guys. I wish I could have every one of you over for tea. And raw grain-free granola bars (my current obsession).