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Friday, December 9, 2011

I Love Garlic

Winter could also be called Garlic Season at our house.

Usually I mince endlessly, which gets pretty tiresome. So sometimes I resort to pickled or water-packed minced garlic. But my mother-in-law gave me an early Christmas present- a garlic press.

Well, duh. Why have I never 'splurged' on one before???

Garlic is awesome. Not only is it yummy, it is so incredibly good for you.

It is a powerful anti-fungal. If you struggle with yeast overgrowth, a lot of garlic in your diet can be very helpful. Garlic also has some all-around anti-microbial action (i.e. it acts against viruses and bacteria, too). Plus, it contains antioxidants. That makes it an all-around winter super-star.

Winter is a time when, traditionally, there were few fresh vegetables around. Certainly no spinach and brocolli, right? So folks ate squashes, root vegetables, onions, and garlic. In the winter, I add garlic to any meat I'm browning or searing, baking or frying. Roasted garlic (dash of olive oil on a baking pan, 15 minutes at 350) is great added to potatoes, beans, or virtually anything. A friend of mine got me addicted during my last pregnancy to roasted garlic smeared on buttered toast. Drooooool.

My husband also has a super recipe for a chicken sauce made with tomatillos and garlic. It's to-die-for. Promised to you at a later date.

Cutest kids book EVER about onions and garlic (ok, maybe the only kids book about onions and garlic?):

So go garlic something up, ok?

"A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat."
~Old New York Proverb

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