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Friday, August 5, 2011

Food for Thought Friday: Osmosis Jones

Here is a movie, a really funny movie. Not for your kids. For you. And for your spouse!

I've had multiple questions about how to involve or motivate one's spouse. And I'm really not an expert there. But Osmosis Jones might be willing to help.

Osmosis Jones

Osmosis is a white blood cell inside of Bill Murray's aging, out-of-shape body. When a mortally dangerous germ enters the body, the mind and the immune system are at odds as far as getting the situation under control. It represents the inside of the body as a complicated city with its own police patrol of white blood cells.

(We tell our kids about the soldiers inside who need good food to fight the bad guys (germs), and that is exactly the imagery used here.)

Of course, a story is woven into it all. Bill Murray's daughter is trying to get hime to change his ways, while Osmosis is in danger of losing his job and trying to prove his abilities. Half-cartoon, half-regular picture, this movie is gross, but not disgusting, and pretty darn accurate in the biology department. There are a few innapropriate-for-kids moments, but it would be a great movie for parents to watch with their teenagers. High-schoolers could be challenged to figure out how accurate the biology really is.

In any case, even if it doesn't motivate anyone to make life-long health changes, you'll never look at a zit, a buffalo wing, or hopefully a carrot the same way again.

"The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes."
~William Davis

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  1. I <3 this movie. Like, since forever. I wish I owned it. :)