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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Stuff Brag Post #2: Ivy's Sling

Will baby innovations never cease?

I doubt it.

I discovered this new sling style during Ivy's incubation.  Very impressive, it is basically a wrap that you don't have to wrap!  What?  Take a look:

See?  The 2 loops imitate the wrapped criss-cross, and the sash is your last wrap.  (You'll understand if you've ever used a wrap; if not, have no fear, you'll understand in a minnute.)

Slip 1 loop over easch shoulder.  See my wonky pic:

Baby goes in the cross on front:

This is plenty of support for Ivy.  She is really snug in there and goes right to sleep every time.

Add the sash for extra support for a heavier baby, or for longer wear, like hiking.  Ivy's head is tucked into the fabric in the above pic because she is sleeping.  It works wonderfully.  Doesn't hide postpartum flab or anything, but *sigh* nothing does.

back with sash added
 I think this looks tidier than a wrap.  It supports better than a pouch or ring sling.  It's way easy to put on.  And it supports as well as my beloved Ergo (though probably not for a toddler).  I even wore John Paul in it a few times while immensely preggo.  The make of the sling is 'Baby K'Tan' and you can find videos at www.babyktan.com with different positions for wearing.  I gave on of these as a baby gift and the mom, a baby-wearing drop-out, says she actually uses and loves it.

This carrier cost $12.  The fabric is a 60% cotton, 40% poly interlock from JoAnn Fabric.   You could get 100% cotton interlock or jersey from www.naturesfabric.com, but I was in a hurry and also feeling quite cheap.  My sash fabric:
was just a scrap from my stash.

I made it up because I couldn't find my box with my baby carriers in it after Ivy was born!  Also, for the record, I sewed the entire thing during the previews of The Hunger Games.  So, in other words, about 9 minutes.

Happy babywearing!!!

"The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives." 
~Robert Brault


  1. I'm loving these brag posts. I need a new baby JUST so I can make this for him/her. Then again..my friend just had a baby a few days ago..so I'm going to make one!

  2. It is ashamed to admit, but I'm always afraid to sling. I drive only child in a pram, baby staff sling - about it I'm afraid that my child will fall