"Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table." -William Shakespeare

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Strewsday Tuesday: Spring!

Although I know the bad weather will come back, for now it's spring, and I'm a happy mommy. We spent nearly all day Sunday down in our canyon and then yesterday, too.

However, yesterday, just after noon, we ran into- or rather they ran into us- a group of deer, 3 large bucks and 2 does, who wanted to use the path. Our canyon is part of a deer migration path and it's the time of year when they start moving, and more than just at dawn and dusk.

We had some good converations about migration and respecting wild animals. (Deer are not harmless creatures... there have been some serious incidents recently!)

The one real object of education is to have a man in the condition of continually asking questions.
-Bishop Mandell Creighton

Isaiah continues his obsession with Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. We found 2 in the free section of our library's used book store; he's in heaven.

Rosie and Isaiah both are prepariing for their spring dance performances which is fun and exciting, but a little exhausting for mom.

My parents told me, "Finish your dinner. People in China and India are starving." I tell my daughters, "Finish your homework. People in India and China are starving for your job."
-Thomas L. Friedman

Tomorrow is our monthly morning at the Bradbury Science museum. They have an excellent program for homeschoolers on a different science topic every month- last month was Atoms. Every morning concludes with a Bill Nye the Science Guy video. My kids are officially in love with Bill.

You can get all A's and still flunk life.
-Walker Percy

Other than that, my kids will be learning about bartering this week. I'm taking my box of never-used-much baby stuff into the consignment store in Santa Fe this afternoon and working out a trade for a new Beco baby carrier. I drive a hard bargain when I really want something. Er, hard but fair of course!

"If you sincerely desire a truly well-rounded education, you must study the extremists, the obscure and "nutty." You need the balance! Your poor brain is already being impregnated with middle-of-the-road crap, twenty-four hours a day, no matter what. Network TV, newspapers, radio, magazines at the supermarket... even if you never watch, read, listen, or leave your house, even if you are deaf and blind, the telepathic pressure alone of the uncountable normals surrounding you will insure that you are automatically well-grounded in consensus reality."
-Ivan Stang, High Weirdness By Mail


  1. I love that last quote! May I steal it?

  2. Great quotes. Sounds like a good week. Never really think much about deer not being harmless, but of course they aren't.