"Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table." -William Shakespeare

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick updates

I feel awful about neglecting my beloved blog lately. But I've spent so much time vomiting in the bathroom, moping around the kitchen trying to decide what to eat next, lying in bed, Oh- and don't forget laundry, story-books, wound care, and forcing kids to get outside and play in the everlasting, interminable, impervious to sunshine, never-will-melt-in-a-hundred-years snow.

So computer time isn't exactly high up on that list.

Not to mention that all I feel like doing is whining and crying. Homeschooling? Cooking? Literature? Oh, I remember they exist, all right. A fine set of additions to my mommy guilt this week.

I dream of cooking again. I bought a yogurt maker because I'm fed up with my cooler system. I made bread that came out awful- dang altitude!!! Bread smells don't make me nauseous. The beans I cooked today? Well, they nearly did me in.

Gee, weren't those some exciting updates? Shoot, I'm even too tired to find you all a great quote to accompany them. Sorry. And goodnight.


  1. I follow your blog but never comment... Just wanted to say you're still a rockstar in my book...even under the first-trimester cloud. love ya, Mo.
    - Sarah (Sheldon) Kisling

    P.s. Philomena Rose was born Christmas morning. She's a delight.

  2. Hang in there! How is JP's toe? Talk to us soon!

  3. O Sara- that is awesome! So happy for you!