"Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table." -William Shakespeare

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oops- I lied.

I did not make Herbal Iron Syrup yesterday, and I didn't blog it. (Logically, obviously.) Sorry. But it wasn't really a lie; it was an accident.

And I didn't make the syrup today because I spent the day in the forest with my family. And I may not make it tomorrow because I may just go back to the forest and lay on a blanket and watch the sky.
All day. And I may do that every day for the next 2 weeks because after that, I'm afraid the mountain will get very, very cold.

So we'll be making our elderberry syrup and cloved oranges and Iron Syrup and Pre-Conception Tincture (? yes, we do hope so), batches of soup of all kinds, breads, and then sugarless Christmas treats.

All while we are stuck inside for, what, say, 5 months?

OK, I need to work on my attitude, and I need to suck it up and buy some long underwear that don't bunch up, right? It's really hard to find long underwear that fit a 6-foot-tall lady.

So while I think more on that, I hope you are out enjoying the changing seasons with your little people, collecting leaves and wildflowers, reading under a tree somewhere, and not dreading the upcoming winter. (Ya, I really do not love the cold, can you tell?)

"Besides the autumn poets sing,
A few prosaic days
A little this side of the snow
And that side of the haze."
~Emily Dickinson


  1. Buckle down! Do you know if your area gets a lot of snow? That was what I was unprepared for living in the mountains- just how long the snow would stay on the ground. But honestly, other than that, I found the winters where we lived to be better than Kansas winter. It was snowy but not as bitterly cold and windy. So we actually did things outside on a fairly regular basis. You can do it!

  2. Yes to be outside right now at all times - that is what I am resisting...only because I have to do some stuff inside, but the rest of the time, I'd rather be with the kids outside, and we are while it is so beautiful. Love those photos of the woods!

    We don't get as much snow here as we use to when we lived in New England - our last winter there...6 feet of snow...yeah, it lasted til April, when we were moving. Now, I actually miss it as we have a pseudo winter here!